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Multi-talented Pablo Embon debuts fusion jazz originals in his new album “Harmony Tales”

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Multi-talented Pablo Embon debuts fusion jazz originals in his new album “Harmony Tales”

March 19
21:45 2020

The multi-talented Pablo Embon debuts a dozen originals that cover a variety of creative styles and moods. 

An approachable instrumental Jazz-Fusion collection, featuring several jazz and contemporary music styles, including Modern Jazz, Funk, Latin, Alternative, World and other influences.

Profoundly and wonderfully expansive. Warming. Comforting. Uniting. Inclusive. Open-minded. Pablo Embon’s 19th studio album, Harmony Tales, feels like a boundaryless and multi-cultural releasing of great tension; a healing collection of mind-freeing and heart-stirring compositions created by a man who’s mastery has reached a level where the music is now allowed to guide him.

Throughout the album, stirring and emotional melodies are constantly juxtaposed by light-hearted and whimsical phrasing, creating a balanced dance of opposites, and a soothing exercise in contrast. A guitar and piano album, on this project, Pablo gives a bit more of a nod to the latter, and he’s never sounded better. Jazzy melodies. Bluesy riffs, and melancholy moods unite to form a delicious fusion fancy. This is music for dinner with your lover. A glass of wine at sunset. A moment alone after a long week. The entire album is fresh air. Quite frankly, Pablo Embon is the reason we’ve come to love Jazz.

Album performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Pablo Embon from June 2019 through January 2020.  

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Pablo Embon has released 19 albums to date since 2004. All his music is performed, recorded, mixed and produced by himself. Amongst the music tracks, there is a multitude of jazz stylings. 

Pablo originally hails from Argentina, rich in its history of tango and Andean folk music, where he learned from famed classical guitarist Eduardo Isaac. Pablo played in several modern bands and as a single musician in his youth.

Embon started his music education at very young age. As a child he developed intuitive composition skills, adopting piano and guitar as his core musical instruments. Later on, he pursued advanced music education in the composition and harmonization fields and won recognitions in several public music contests in Argentina.

When later in life, Embon immigrated to Israel, its unique blend of world music and Middle Eastern music no doubt had an influence on the musician who at this point had already spent years creating and performing unique modern and alternative jazz compositions.  He continued his education in music recording, production and orchestration, all including original composition and arrangements. His albums contain different music styles, such as alternative, smooth and fusion jazz, orchestral instrumentals and solo piano with some classical music influences.

Pablo Embon shows all of his experience in each one of his masterful  albums On each and every of the tracks listeners are able to luxuriate over the rich instrumental notes which strike deep at the core of Pablo’s riffs. They are able to transport themselves to different places, different moods, and immerse themselves in a wonderful jazz experience.

After playing in several modern bands during his youth, Pablo’s musical journey expanded to include not only mastering multiple musical instruments, but also recording, production and orchestration. And now, 35 years of music experience later, he has composed, performed, mixed and mastered an astounding 17 albums—all on his own, making this troubadour artist not simply a musical master, but a DIY guru as well. 

Embon is not a purist when it comes to jazz.  His music is fusion, drawing on direct on indirect influences that include Pat Metheny, Azymuth (a great band from Brazil that emerged in the 1970s), the late bassist Jaco Pastorius and Chick Corea’s Return to Forever (especially the early edition with Airto Moreira and Joe Farrell).  

Pablo Embon has the advantage over other egregiously talented musicians in that he is highly accomplished on multiple instruments and has had the privilege of studying and composing in vastly different geographic sectors. 

Combining sensational talent with a work ethic second-to-none, Pablo has poured his time and energy into crafting every detail of this instrumental exhibition of his albums. Listeners around the world will not be disappointed..

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