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Find Reliable RNA-related Services at IntegrateRNA

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Find Reliable RNA-related Services at IntegrateRNA

April 23
05:50 2020

RNA research has been a hot spot recently and IntegrateRNA, a branch of Creative Biogene, has launched an array of complete solutions for RNA discovery, screening, identification, expression analysis and functional analysis.

In 2006, the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was awarded to Andrew Z. Fire and Craig C. Mello for their discovery of RNA interference. And recently, as the FDA-approved RNA-based drugs and prophylactic vaccines start to enter clinical medicine, this new class of biologics is poised to transform drug discovery to an information-guided drug delivery paradigm.

With more and more research related to RNA-target therapeutics, RNA-based drug discovery and RNA biomarker, IntegrateRNA, a branch of Creative Biogene biotechnology company, has upgraded its unique technologies, aiming at providing innovative tools and solutions in RNA research for global clients.

To date, IntegrateRNA has successfully completed many different types of RNA services including RNA discovery, synthesis, functional study and bioinformatics analysis, covering circRNAs, lncRNAs, mRNA, tRNA, rRNA and various small RNAs.

For example, circRNA represents a research hotspot because of its close association with the development of diseases. The one-stop circRNA research in IntegrateRNA can be divided into several steps, including prediction, screening, identification, expression analysis, RNA functional analysis and mechanism analysis, which will help to predict and screen target circRNAs under different conditions.

Another featured service is about lncRNAs, which typically function as important cis and trans regulators of protein-encoding gene expression. With skilled and experienced genomics experts, IntegrateRNA’s team of lncRNA experts is able to provide complete, innovative solutions including but not limited to lncRNA array, knockdown, knockout, pull-down, qPCR and sequencing services.

Advantages of RNA Services at IntegrateRNA

• One-stop solutions covering various types of RNA discovery, analysis, and related services
• Faster turnaround and lower cost
• Timely report on project progress
• Specialized in RNA biology research

With years of work, research and accumulation of nucleotide analysis, IntegrateRNA has developed unparalleled insight into endogenous RNA language. Based on advanced RNA technology platforms, IntegrateRNA also offers a full set of leading technologies, such as qPCR Array, RNA Interference, RNA Microarray Analysis, RNA Synthesis, RNA Next Generation Sequencing, etc.

“Our expertise comes from more than 4,000 genetic modifications of many cell types, and we use this core capability in conjunction with the latest next generation sequencing technology to provide satisfied RNA sequencing scientific solutions,” introduced by a senior scientist at IntegrateRNA, “and this service includes every step from the initial consultation with our RNA expert team, RNA isolation, library preparation, sequencing, data analysis and reporting.”

IntegrateRNA takes pride in having the highest standards of quality, technical expertise, and personalized customer service, and is committed to helping customers accelerate life science research, solve complex analytical challenges and increase laboratory productivity.

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About Creative Biogene

As a first-class biotech manufacturer, Creative Biogene is known as an experienced supplier in the biotech market that has successfully accomplished numerous challenging projects for customers. Now, it launched IntegrateRNA, a reliable provider focusing on RNA services, to support basic and applied research in RNA biology, and generate novel insights into the role of RNA in health and disease.

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