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Revolutionary Cold Laser Acupuncture Technology in Toronto Helps Clients Stop Smoking in 90 mins

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Revolutionary Cold Laser Acupuncture Technology in Toronto Helps Clients Stop Smoking in 90 mins

May 12
18:30 2020

Toronto, ON – Wellness & outpatient rehab clinic Stop Smoking Stupid now has a revolutionary Low Level laser technology that helps patients quit smoking. The technology is the latest endeavor in the company’s ongoing Stop Smoking Toronto campaign. Its program combines the ancient principle of acupuncture with the cold low level laser technology  coupled with behavioural modification addiction counselling and nutritional guidance to treat addiction.

This is what one of their past client’s had to say “Highly recommend laser quit smoking program & laser teeth whitening with Stop Smoking Stupid. I have been a heavy smoker for over 30 years and needed to quit for medical reasons (upcoming surgery). I had tried everything before and this was my last option. I am now a convert and highly recommend the quit smoking program. As a promotion, I was offered a preferred rate for teeth whitening and decided to go for it. Well worth every penny I spent. I am now smoke free and have pearly white teeth. Less likely to relapse back to smoking because I don’t want to undo the results of my teeth whitening!”

Stop Smoking Stupid is a subsidiary of NuLife, a clinic that specialises in treating health issues related to one’s lifestyle and nervous system. NuLife laser clinic has over 50 Locations Globally since 2008, helping over 17,000 patients manage anxiety, depression, stress, weight loss and other conditions.

NuLife also helps patients struggling with poor lifestyle habits. After recognising the need for a clinic specific to nicotine addiction, NuLife created Stop Smoking Stupid.

This clinic uses a combination of traditional chinese medicine-ear acupuncture-also known as auricular-therapy with modern technology of Low Level Laser Therapy method to manage nicotine addiction.. Practionals target specific ear points that are used to release neurotransmitters in the brain such as dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins, the pleasure centres of the brain, which help to break the addiction cycle. When you stimulate an acupoint-an acupuncture nerve point-on your ear or on your body, your brain can release the neurotransmitters that eliminate cravings from addiction withdrawal and stop patients from turning to nicotine. The treatment can help within 90mins.

Aside from the laser technology, the program incorporates additional techniques. It starts with an in-depth Lifestyle & health assessment to determine how to treat the patient best.

Healthcare professionals provide a variety of resources, including written materials, to educate patients. They also may recommend all-natural detoxification to aid laser therapy. The clinic offers continuous monitoring and follow-up services to ensure patient success.

Compared to similar programs throughout Toronto, the clinic has one of the highest recorded success rates. Of its patients, 98% remain non-smokers one year after completing treatment. Unlike with many other programs, they don’t have to rely on medications or nicotine replacement products to abstain from use.

Besides the high success rate, patients praise the program for its limited side effects. There are few reports of cravings, agitation, headaches, and other symptoms one would expect from nicotine withdrawal. Generally, patients report feeling calm and that they have regained a sense of control. This general feeling of wellbeing helps them cope with withdrawal and develop healthier lifestyle habits.

Another glowing success story from a client “Quit smoking with Stop Smoking Stupid (NuLife Laser Clinic), don’t even bother with the others. Do your homework first. I went to a competitor because they were cheaper. Well, I got what I paid for which was 1 treatment and minimal service. Suffice to say I didn’t stay smoke free very long. A friend told me about Nulife and I was hesitant because they were more expensive than where I went. They told me about their experience and it sounded very different from mine. Gave them a chance and it was a night and day experience. Well worth the investment, and what I saved on smokes paid for my treatment within a few months. Winning!”

For information on how to quit smoking and on its three locations across the Greater Toronto Area, interested parties can visit the Stop Smoking Stupid website here

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