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2020 Chinese Overseas Students Conference in Hangzhou

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2020 Chinese Overseas Students Conference in Hangzhou

November 18
09:06 2020

Recently, the 2020 Hangzhou International Human Resources and Cooperation Conference grandly inaugurated. On the same day, the 2020 Chinese Overseas Students Conference, co-hosted by the Western Returned Scholars Association (Overseas-educated Scholars Association of China), Hangzhou Municipal People’s Government and CPC Hangzhou Municipal Committee and specifically implemented by Liepin and Providence Academy, opened simultaneously. Numerous leaders from the government and the Western Returned Scholars Association attended the conference and launched the Hangzhou Global Youth Talent Center along with Student Union leaders from overseas universities.


The conference invited accomplished academicians such as Yigong Shi, Qimin Zhan, and Jian Wang, big names in a wide variety of industries such as Liuping Xu, Zongnian Chen and Fang Jiang, as well as organization leaders and students from well-known overseas universities such as Harvard University, Cornell University and Columbia University. More than 40 thousand audience participated in the conference through online platforms.

Education is the foundation of a century’s development. What are the best ways to cultivate internationalized talents domestically?

Westlake University was the answer given by Yigong Shi, President of Westlake University and Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. According to his sharing, Westlake University helps gather numerous talents returned from the oversea, and is committed to becoming a bridge and gathering place for academic exchanges between the East and the West.

After elaborating on Schwarzman Scholars’ internationalized educational philosophy, Qingzhong Pan, Vice President of Schwarzman Scholars at Tsinghua University, humorously advertised Hangzhou: “Above is heaven and below are Suzhou and Hangzhou. If you come to Hangzhou, your stay will be worth a lifetime.”

In the era of globalization, global value chains are gradually taking shape. In this context, what kind of internationalized talents do China’s leading companies need?

Liuping Xu, CEO of China FAW Group Corporation, broached that talents should be creativity-oriented individuals with patriotism, industrial spirits, constructive mindset and entrepreneurial dream. Alibaba’s business partner Fang Jiang introduced Alibaba’s undogmatic talent view: smart, optimistic, sturdy, and introspective.

How to guide and cultivate internationalized talents and duly adjust talent strategies in the era of great changes are unavoidable challenges in the process of enterprise internationalization. In the keynote speech, Zongnian Chen, CEO of Cethik and Hikvision, introduced Hikvision’s talent development mechanism characterized by “three-dimensional talent introduction,” “comprehensive talent cultivation,” “scientific talent utilization” and “diversified talent retention.” In recent years, Hikvision’s expanding reserve of overseas talents contributed to the company’s process of internationalization.

How can Hangzhou, the city that strives to create the best talent ecological environment, gets a head start in the fierce war for talent on the world stage?

Founder of Alibaba Cloud, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering Jian Wang, deems that Hangzhou is especially attractive because it was built by the young generation; it is a city with infinite possibilities and more hard-working than any other cities. He gave hearty advice to overseas students looking to explore possibilities in Hangzhou in the future: “No matter what you want to do in the future, do it to the best of your ability. If you don’t think you can accomplish it in other places, come to Hangzhou.”

According to Fang Jiang, in addition to superior talent-attracting policies, a city or an enterprise should have the chance to truly accomplish something, as well as fellows who share common goals in order to “break the heart wall” and retain talents.

Elaborating from an entrepreneurial point of view, Yi Fang, CEO of Merit Interactive Co.,Ltd., indicated that in order to attract and retain talents in start-up companies, it is necessary to have good stories and admirable sentiments. Combined with down-to-earth attitude to work, companies will be able to better attract and gather young talents for future goals.

“2020 China Overseas Students White Paper” was also pub lished at the conference. According to the White Paper, overseas returnees in Hangzhou had the highest recognition for talent policies as well as satisfaction for personal growth compared to all other cities in China. This is mainly due to the strong atmosphere of urban industry, which also provides a broad space for personal growth and career development.

At the very end of the conference, debaters from the TV talkshow, such as Yin Chu, Yingnan Zhao and Rui Xi presented an exciting debate on “Whether new first-tier cities are the best choices for overseas returnees.”

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