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FAN CHING-HSAING joined “Suyuan Pengpu New Village Arts Star” with “City Slow Life” Tributing to ME/CFS Chronic Fatigue Care Day

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FAN CHING-HSAING joined “Suyuan Pengpu New Village Arts Star” with “City Slow Life” Tributing to ME/CFS Chronic Fatigue Care Day

April 28
12:12 2021


1/ Art Education

On May 12, 2021, the eve of the Global ME/CFS Chronic Fatigue Care Day, Warner public musician Fan Chinghsaing launched the first “Care ME/CFS Chronic Fatigue Syndrome” public welfare project – “ME/CFS Urban Slow Life Public Welfare Special Project” in Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. Invitation by Wu Xiaoming, from Shanghai Jing ‘an District Pengpu and New Village Street, Pengpu New Village Street Business Office and Suyuan construction company they jointly launched “Suyuan Pengpu New Village Art Star Competition @ME/CFS Urban Slow Life Public Welfare Activity”. Recently, the official poster and press conference of the project gained international attention and coverage.

This activity, theme on “Cadenza Seasons” in the spirit of Oriental culture, is committed to “art, education, public welfare, culture”, to foster talents in literature, art and public welfare in Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and joining global media platforms, art and culture promotion ambassadors. All these efforts will contribute to advocate of art, culture and public welfare spirit, the health awareness of slow life, and the construction of a green ecological environment. By putting the care into practice through social activities and paying tribute to global ME/CFS chronic fatigue, this activity is well worth the support and response from the international public welfare organization-MILLIONS MISSING and other cities across the globe.


2/ Wide Star Response

This time, Shanghai Pengpu New Village Street appointed Fan Chinghsaing as the co-sponsor of “Suyuan Pengpu New Village Art Star Competition @ME/CFS Urban Slow Life Public Welfare Activity”. Meanwhile, he created the public work “The True, The Good And The Beautiful” to present the cultural spirit of “Cadenza Seasons”. “ME/CFS Urban Slow Life Global Charity Ambassador” Director Kang-sheng Lee, and Singer Jennifer, Singer Donna Chiu, Actor Mark.DU, Singer Annie Leung, famous Model Zhang Jiazhen, International Fashionista Lan Guochuan, Music Producer Yang Junyao, Producer Lv fang, New Female Culture Advocator Yang Qifeng, Positive Energy Culture Representative Pan Taoyu, Zhang Yuliam, Wu Yizhen, Shi Jianan and some other influential figures, invited by Fan Chinghsaing , served as “Arts and Culture Promotion Ambassadors” to call out and contribute to the promotion of the origin of “Public Welfare Culture”.


3/ Art And Culture

“Suyuan Pengpu New Village Art Star Competition @ME/CFS Urban Slow Life Public Welfare Activity” will hold talent selections in the cultural center and community universities. The selection is divided into preliminaries, semi-finals and final aimsto promoting the importance of “Art And Culture Education”. Fan Chinghsaing, Zhang Jiazen and Lan Guochuan, the judges and instructors of the activity, will guide the participants in the following aspects: artistic discourse, artistic image, artistic knowledge, artistic creation, artistic practice, etc., and publish them together to show the achievements of art education and the value of the works.


4/ Education Responsibility

Fan Chinghsaing, Zhang Jiazhen, Lan Guochuan and Jin Song, who were invited to serve as the judging tutors, expressed their gratitude and honor. Zhang Jiazhen will teach body aesthetics, life aesthetics, health aesthetics and other courses. Senior media professional Jin Song will guide students in performing arts, sound art and other courses; International Fashionista Lan Guochuan will give lectures on fashion trends, fabric materials, washing, maintenance and fashion outfits. Fan Chinghsaing , who received art enlightenment from Taipei Hwa Kang Arts School and art education from the National Taiwan University of Arts, fused modern art teaching methods with the public spirit of “MEMCFS Urban Slow Life”, in response to the village culture of Pengpu New Village “Beautiful Homes”, “Beautiful City”, “Beautiful Riverway”, “Beautiful Blocks” village culture. The practice of “Humanistic Art Education” bears much social responsibility and mission.


5/ Public Works

Fan Tinghong, Cultural Representative of Fanhe Cultural Media, said that the activity co-sponsored by the artistic and cultural ambassador Fan Chinghsaing , completed the public production “The True, The Good And The Beautiful”, which included: the public welfare authorization of LOVE MUSIC “Happy Paradise” as the theme song of the activity; feature photography video album; noctilucent elf smiley face T-shirt in response to BALENCIAGA and RIVER LANG. These are committed to protecting life, healing art, popularizing green fashion, and constructing public art and slow life culture. It is worth mentioning that, along with ME/CFS chronic fatigue public welfare ambassador, the production and copyright of public works will be donated to public welfare-2021 MILLIONS MISSING international public welfare activities, advocating global care and concern to “ME/CFS Chronic Fatigue Syndrome”.


6/ Healing Art

This time, the video work “The True, the good and the beautiful” created by Fan Chinghsaing will be shot in Shanghai Pengpu Season Park. His creative inspiration centered on the power of nature, healing art and life consciousness. He played an “ME/CFS Chronic Fatigue patient” who needed more positive energy during the shooting process. He walked into the park by accident; however, he found himself surrounded by the joy and beauty of “nature”. He shared: the flowers, bamboos, clouds, soil, trees, rocks, water and other elementsare blessed with the nature of delicate and healthy energy. What is more, they are also symbols of “vitality”, which are positive help to ME/CFS Chronic Fatigue patients, both physically and mentally. This is the life philosophy advocated by the public welfare project “ME/CFS Urban Slow Life”, which means that it brings more “healing energy” to the current society, ME/CFS Chronic Fatigue patients, busy working people who need physical and mental energy, etc. This is also the spirit of “healing art” and the meaning of creation.


7/ Charity Fashion