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Midea’s landmark automatic rice cooker sparks industry changes

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Midea’s landmark automatic rice cooker sparks industry changes

October 18
12:45 2021

Recently, Midea’s new automatic Royce rice cooker was launched at Canton Fair. This is Royce’s first appearance on the world culinary stage, and it is another pioneering work that combines “perfect science and technology with everyday life,” which leads the global trend and opens the era of smart cooking. Royce, as a truly “fully-automatic” innovation, has attracted great attention in the cooking industry and the media at home and globally.

As a rice cooker, which can “span time, distance and location” and meet the demands of any recipe for a bowl of incredibly tasty rice, Royce presents “auto rice-filling, auto-rinse, auto-cook,” functions which automate the whole process, and cook exquisite rice anytime and anywhere. Users only need to use the “Midea home app” from their mobile phones to operate with one button, and Royce can cook meals anytime and anywhere without hands-on interaction. Through negative cyclone pressure rice suction technology, rice is efficiently and automatically sucked into the pot, and through full-dimensional tumbling motion and self-rinsing technology, rice is fully rinsed in all dimensions, while keeping the original flavor of rice, making rice sweeter and richer in nutrition. The built-in infrared sensor technology automatically detects the rice quantity and then controls the water quantity autonomously, so as to start cooking with an accurate “golden rice-water ratio” to create a master-level rice taste.

Royce is not only advanced in self-cooking technology, but also proficient in hardware configuration. With the hardware foundation of titanium liner and IH three-dimensional surrounding heating, the cooked rice is guaranteed to be fragrant and resilient, delivering a premium&nbs