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Famous Artist Opens PinHead Tattoo and Piercing shop In Lockport

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Famous Artist Opens PinHead Tattoo and Piercing shop In Lockport

January 05
00:00 2022
Cyle Hoffman opens Tattoo Shop In Lockport N.Y

Cyle has a fantastic reputation; customers feel safe in his hands that 75% percent of them don’t even know what they will have done until they walk in to start their session, preferring instead for Cyle to create his masterpiece for them. Cyle, who flashes an unmissable smile, explains: “A lot of my clients say, ‘do what you want, and sometimes will say what they like and don’t like. “I have an idea in my head, and a lot of it is freehand. I will draw on my clients with my own and marker. The minute you start to concentrate on how it sits on the body that’s when it turns from a tattoo into a real piece of art”. “The best thing is when you finish a tattoo, and they look in the mirror and say, ‘wow’ some of my celebrity clients and I. That’s an inside joke.”

There is no exaggeration to say that Cyle’s tattooing skills have been life-changing for lots of his customers. He has tattooed over scars, including those caused by self-harming, mastectomies, and even dog bites. Cyle, who had his first tattoo when he was 16 years old and has been addicted to getting them ever since, “Tattooing was something I had wanted to do. I remember seeing a tattoo show back in the early 90s. When I turned 16, I begged my mom for my first ink. “Looking back at my life, being a tattoo artist had always screamed at me before from when I used to draw pictures on my arms in middle school. Drawing has always been my outlet.

When Cyle picked up his first tattoo machine, he started practicing on fruit and then himself before finding willing friends to experiment on. He was briefly trained by ‘paul natel’ at black heart tattoo- the most extended established tattoo studio in Maryland before moving on to a studio in