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Discovery and Targeted Metabolomics Services to Move Forward Microbial Research with Confidence

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Discovery and Targeted Metabolomics Services to Move Forward Microbial Research with Confidence

September 16
01:52 2022
Creative Biogene provides a wide range of metabolomics services, from discovery to targeted analysis, to move forward clients’ microbial research with confidence.

New York, USA – September 15, 2022 – Microbial metabolomics enables a powerful and insightful understanding of metabolic pathways and changes related to diseases, nutrition status, cellular responses, and other factors. Creative Biogene provides a wide range of microbial metabolomics services, from untargeted to targeted analysis, to move forward clients’ microbial research with confidence.

Metabolomics is the simultaneous qualitative and quantitative analysis of all metabolites of a certain biological component or cell under a specific physiological period or condition to discover the different targeted metabolites, revealing the mechanisms of physiological processes and disease occurrence and development. It has been developed rapidly and penetrated many fields, such as disease diagnosis, pharmaceutical R&D, nutritional food science, toxicology, environmental science, botany, and other fields closely related to human health care.

Based on the high-resolution mass spectrometry technology, Creative Biogene has established a metabolomics research platform for primary metabolites and secondary metabolites of microbial, helping researchers to identify highly related metabolites and microorganisms, explore relationships among biological metabolites and microorganisms, as well as understand the internal network of metabolites, microorganisms, and biological background. In order to help researchers achieve the most from microbial metabonomics, Creative Biogene offers one-stop and highly efficient services for both discovery and targeted analysis of microbial metabolomics.

In terms of discovery metabonomics, all metabolites of control and test groups are unbiasedly detected before or after stimulation or disturbance in cells, tissues, organs, or organisms. Combined with a set of identification, separation, characterization, and quantification platforms, Creative Biogene can offer accurate, fast, and reliable untargeted metabolomics, including LC-MS detection, GC-MS detection, and NMR detection.

The targeted metabonomics can be used to verify the hypotheses proposed by non-targeted metabolomics experiments, hence conducting exploratory experiments and studying metabolic models for specific metabolites. Creative Biogene utilizes conventional technologies (MS and MRM) to perform detection of short-chain fatty acid, bile acid, amino acid, neurotransmitter, and plant hormone.

Creative Biogene can boost microbial projects by providing customers reliable results regarding the targeted metabonomics and discovery metabonomics analysis. Its team of experienced experts will customize different solutions according to the client’s samples to accurately identify and quantitatively analyze microbial metabolites. In addition, it is capable of designing the most suitable sample preparation methods based on project specifications and improving the quantity and accuracy of metabolite identification and quantification while effectively solving project problems.

About Creative Biogene

Creative Biogene aims to provide high-quality microbiological research services using the latest strategies for pharmaceutical researchers and industrial partners worldwide. With years of experience, the company is capable of offering customers an all-inclusive microbiological research service plan, including sample collection, preservation methods, preliminary experiment and impact evaluations, and experimental data analysis. Creative Biogene is dedicated to assisting researchers in exploring the hidden mysteries between microbes and health, production, and the environment for the better use of microbial resources.

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