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Creative Biolabs’ Macrophage Polarization Services Facilitate Macrophage Therapeutic Development

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Creative Biolabs’ Macrophage Polarization Services Facilitate Macrophage Therapeutic Development

December 19
18:00 2022
Having been involved in supporting the development of macrophage therapeutics for decades, Creative Biolabs is delighted to offer macrophage polarization assay services to expedite experimental initiatives.

New York, USA – December 19, 2022 – As hematopoietic system cells, macrophages have diverse functions within the human body, including but not limited to the capacity to induce and resolve inflammation and facilitate tissue repair. Due to the increased expectations for macrophage subsets to become potential treatments for various diseases, there is a growing need for macrophage polarization assay services, which also motivates scientists at Creative Biolabs to update their scientific portals and technologies, promoting macrophage therapeutic studies globally.

According to customer demand, Creative Biolabs provides researchers services that accomplish macrophage polarization assays with a variety of stimuli for the generation of required polarized macrophage subsets and the validation of every polarized macrophage, advancing the understanding of disease etiology and assisting immunotherapy drug development.

As a specialist in macrophage polarization, the company can use stimuli, i.e., IFN and LPS, to induce M1 macrophages and apply techniques for the identification of the polarization state. Researchers also have access to the evaluation of cytokine profiles, cell surface receptor expression, scavenging activities, and the capacity to trigger or suppress T-cell proliferation through the M1 macrophage polarization assay provided at Creative Biolabs.

Different stimuli can also cause macrophages to polarize into M2 macrophages. According to the applied stimuli, the M2 macrophages can be divided into four distinct subdivisions: M2a, M2b, M2c, and M2d. Creative Biolabs’ experts will use a variety of stimuli to activate various macrophage populations, which are listed below:

* M2a macrophage: IL-4 or IL-13

* M2b macrophage: Immune complexes and LPS

* M2c macrophage: Glucocorticoids or IL-10

* M2d macrophage: Adenosines or IL-6

Creative Biolabs possesses expertly crafted scientific equipment as well as scientists and technicians who are experts in the study of M2 macrophage polarization. Over the past years, the company has provided a series of effective methods to analyze surface markers and cytokine expression, including enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA), immunohistochemistry (IHC), and flow cytometry (FC), and has assisted a large number of customers in completing their custom macrophage polarization assays.

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About Creative Biolabs

Creative Biolabs is a biotech CRO that is proud of its achievements in the field of immunotherapy due to its professional problem-solving capabilities and outstanding technology platforms, which enable significant advancements in a wide range of projects for global research. The company is pleased to contribute to the development of immunotherapy with its comprehensive services regarding macrophages, including macrophage polarization services.

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