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Crazy Mars Squirrel DAO and Its Governance Mechanism

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Crazy Mars Squirrel DAO and Its Governance Mechanism

December 23
22:40 2022

At present, the NFT industry is still at an early stage with its promising derivative values untapped. As a value-driven NFT project, Crazy Mars Squirrel is expanding its value capture channels through integration with DAO. According to the information, its first launch on OpenSea was quickly sold out in 24 hours and garnered 1st place in both the trading volume of the day and popularity on the platform. Soon, it has been reported by major international mainstream media including Associated Press, Dow Jones, Wall Street Insider, Yahoo, Post-gazette,, Buffalo News, AM News, The Evening Leader, etc.

The data on OpenSea show that Crazy Mars Squirrel only released 100 Genesis NFTs for its first launch. The NFT project, which consists of 10,000 unique digital avatars, has a continuously surging floor price, which has achieved a 6-fold increase so far, making it an undisputed dark horse NFT project standing out in the crypto winter. The reasons behind its success in market response and large trading volume in such a short period partly stem from its distinctiveness.

In the world of Crazy Mars Squirrel, a group of “Digital Upstarts” who are bullish on digital civilization will board Mars with the help of Crazy Mars Squirrels, and the two communities will build a Web3 super organization – Crazy Mars Squirrel DAO. While the DAO is further embracing new forces around the globe including digital upstarts and Web3 pioneers, new legends will be created. Together the DAO members will share the digital dividends brought by project growth and lead humankind into digital civilization.

The benefits to be shared by Crazy Mars Squirrel DAO members, including customized digital Decentralized Identity (DID) to enter Crazy Mars Squirrel Metaverse, access to mystery boxes and derivative NFTs to be airdropped, as well as the interest on the DAO fund and 35% quota allocation of the whole cycle income of the Crazy Mars Squirrel project, etc.

Meanwhile, members of Crazy Mars Squirrel DAO will join a representative community of digital civilization that gathers pioneers with high-dimensional cognition. As value investors focusing on digital culture and advocators of new digital business, the DAO members share a brand-new understanding of the Universe, which protects them from worldly desires. Together, the community members are dedicated to promoting the development of digital civilization.

Besides, Crazy Mars Squirrel DAO has a good governance mechanism. Each member can vote transparently and securely through “governance” tokens, namely the NFTs, to jointly decide the future and development direction of the Crazy Mars Squirrel project. Different from the traditional corporate hierarchy, as the governance token of DAO, the Crazy Mars Squirrel NFTs have 100% transparent underlying codes, providing a transparent and decentralized model for project decision-making. In this model, all NFT owners are equal. Up to now, the first batch of holders entitled “Ares” has garnered the position of founding shareholders. As the project grows, more holders with different identities will flood into the Crazy Mars Squirrel DAO.  

Crazy Mars Squirrel has also established an efficient investment/financing incubation fund to encourage aspiring DAO members to start businesses with re-creations of NFT products or avatars, and medals based on Crazy Mars Squirrel IP. DAO members can submit a proposal for his/her entrepreneurship encompassing empowerment to the Crazy Mars Squirrel ecology in return. The proposals will then be voted on by all DAO members. With 60% or more of the vote counted, the proposal will get investment from the DAO fund as well as systematic tech support to help with its fulfillment. The Crazy Mars Squirrel NFTs will be used to manage the members’ contributions and provide rewarding measurements to ensure the fairness of the project.

Right based on such a mode, the co-creation of Crazy Mars Squirrel core team has achieved co-branding partnerships with ten more cross-cutting brands covering technology, medicine, real estate, agriculture, consumption, and health services. In the future, Crazy Mars Squirrel will progress towards a DAO members-supported prospect, to earn a bigger market share in the globe, build the world’s best digital civilization circle, and share with DAO members the gains.

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