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CD Genomics RNA-Solutions Platform Unveils m7G MeRIP Sequencing for Scientific Research

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CD Genomics RNA-Solutions Platform Unveils m7G MeRIP Sequencing for Scientific Research

December 26
18:20 2022

New York, USA – December 26, 2022 – RNA-Solutions is a platform for revolutionary research in RNA, targeting coding and non-coding RNAs with different physiological functions. Scientists at CD Genomics are ready to help detect various types of RNAs via meticulous and integrative approaches. Recently, the company has launched m7G MeRIP sequencing to detect and analyze m7G RNA modification in a single sample, providing a powerful tool for research on intracellular translation, regulation, and protein modifications.

RNA modifications refer to various chemical modifications (more than 160 types) that occur on RNA molecules, each of which has a corresponding function, such as structure stabilization, extranuclear transport, alternative splicing, translation recognition, etc. Among them, methylation modification is one of the major forms, accounting for about 2/3 of modifications. The methylation modification of RNA is mostly located on the mRNA, tRNA, rRNA and other non-coding RNA. Among them, m7G modification (N7-methyladenosine) is a kind of RNA methylation modification resulting in a positive charge. Under the action of methyltransferase, the 7th nitrogen atom of RNA guanine (G) is chemically modified with a methyl group, resulting in m7G methylation modification.

m7G RNA methylation modification often exists in the 5′ cap structure of eukaryotic mRNA, which can regulate the transfer, translation, and splicing of mRNA. In addition to the 5′ cap structure, m7G also exists in the tRNA and rRNA sequences. With the wide application usage of NGS, RNA modification has been widely studied and has become a hotspot in the field of epigenetics. Meanwhile, MeRIP-seq is one of the most powerful techniques for studying m7G methylation modification.

MeRIP-seq combines MeDIP, RIP, and RNA-seq technologies to accurately detect RNA methylation across the genome and fragmented RNA samples. Then, a specific RNA methylation antibody was used to achieve the co-immunoprecipitation reaction, and the obtained methylated fragments were sequenced. At the same time, it is necessary to design a control sample (similar to ChIP-seq) to normalize the background.

Antibody immunoprecipitation-based m7G MeRIP sequencing can rapidly generate a complete transcriptome map of the internal m7G methylome in biological samples from different sources. This technique uses an m7G-specific antibody to target methylated modified fragments for library preparation, and high-throughput sequencing and peak localization were carried out for the identification of m7G modified fragments. “Our experienced technical team can comprehensively detect m7G methylation modification levels of various RNA molecules, such as mRNA, lncRNA, pri-miRNA, tRNA and rRNA, and provides professional and in-depth data analysis for m7G RNA methylation modification,” commented the Vice President of CD Genomics.

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