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How Asif Ali Gohar Locates New Suppliers

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How Asif Ali Gohar Locates New Suppliers

January 16
15:45 2023

Echoing the way in which his business and products are different from the norm, Asif Ali Gohar also has a different approach to locating new suppliers. Using a different approach can certainly end up with very different results, and the flexibility can locate suppliers and other network connections that traditional methods would not. After meeting with the man himself and looking at the business operations, there are a few methods that stand out.

What do you look for in new suppliers?

When looking for a new supplier I begin with their location. Cost will increase if I need to ship it further, so having suppliers that are local to my factories is important. Then I compare the quality of the materials that are being supplied, and the quality of the services being offered. If they are keeping other customers happy then I am more likely to be satisfied, but I also want the resulting product to be the best that I can offer. To do that I need the right mixtures and know that they will be able to keep up with the rate at which I use the materials that I am purchasing. To avoid having down time and losing hours it is important to use suppliers that will be able to keep up. In order to do this, I sometimes need to add a new supplier or two so that they can fill the gaps when others are unable.

Are you currently looking for other companies to purchase from?

We are currently looking for new suppliers in the local area. The demand for our vegan leather has increased and resulted in more shipping and larger shipments, as well as the need to produce more rice based leather. As we expand into new markets and areas, I will also be seeking suppliers local to those areas.

What are the benefits of having many suppliers rather than just one or two?

While there are benefits to having just one or two strong suppliers, such as stronger relationships, higher quantity discounts, and personalized customer service, it also has limitations that using multiple suppliers avoids. By using more than one supplier I can have each delivery on a different day, ensuring that we never run out of the things that we need. It also allows flexibility if my quantities change as they are more able to deliver a little extra, and I can get a little more from each to gather the amounts that I need.

How do you find these new suppliers?

We advertise in the local papers, as well as posting online. I use business connections and my network to seek out new suppliers as well, but when these are not providing the results that I need, I go to the local towns in my area and ask there. I chat with people in the cafés and restaurants, and I travel with trade shows within the industry. There are always ways to meet people that are different form the norm, and the more creative the approach the better results I get. When I hear that a business is struggling, I see if I can help, and then when I need assistance with higher quantities or in a new location, I have that good will and people will offer suggestions on who can meet the demand for our supplies.

By contacting any new rice farmers that are beginning their business or talking to small shipping companies, we are able to grow with them and as they expand we are already able to have working relationships and that helps us to have the bets suppliers there are.

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