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Census Entity API Delivers Real-time Personalization in Any App Without Engineering

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Census Entity API Delivers Real-time Personalization in Any App Without Engineering

March 16
19:45 2023
Instead of building custom APIs, developers can enable access to their Customer 360 data model in any destination or context needed, on demand, and in milliseconds.

San Francisco, CA, USA – March 16, 2023 – Census, the leading Reverse ETL and Data Activation platform that syncs customer data from data warehouses to key business tools, today announced the release of the Census Entity API to enable real-time data access on-demand for websites, apps, and internal tools. Developers can reuse the modeled data in their organization’s source of truth and fetch any and all customer data using the Entity API – without additional engineering.

Although Census Reverse ETL can push data to more than 150 SaaS destinations, users sometimes have data-driven use cases where there isn’t a destination to hold the data. The new Entity API solves this problem by providing pull access to data. Now with a single click, developers can enable instant access to data sources via authenticated REST API, with zero engineering required.

Until now, providing real-time personalization for apps required complicated API architecture. Developers and engineers would have to build custom code for a fully featured user profile, a high performance API to serve it, and also maintain and troubleshoot any issues. The Census Entity API makes real-time personalization much easier by providing one endpoint to communicate with all the first-party customer data in the warehouse.

Using the Census Entity API to pull data from the warehouse ensures customer data is always fresh, opening new possibilities for real-time personalization. It also takes advantage of the work that data teams do to clean, manage, and govern data, and ensures that every tool uses the same source of truth.

“Our aim is to help companies build a data activation platform that can power all aspects of their business with fresh and trustworthy data,” said Sean Lynch, Chief Product Officer at Census. “With the Entity API, you can access valuable customer data on-demand to personalize customer-facing interactions. Whether it’s a website, mobile app, internal tool, or integration service, the Entity API ensures you have real-time personalization without extra engineering.”

Using the Entity API, developers can pull customer data into any destination or context, opening up new use cases like:

• Personalization on demand – Add context or show personalized content when a user visits your website or mobile app. The Entity API can power custom experiences by customer segment, user profile, individual users, or other criteria.

• Internal tools and apps – Use Entity API to build sidebars, micro apps, or browser extensions to view data inline, pulling customer context whenever it’s needed.

• Data enrichment – You can use Entity API to enrich any context with first-party data from your warehouse, and even combine first- and third-party data into a single API call.

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About Census

Census turns data warehouses into a hub for marketing and business operations, empowering everyone with trustworthy and actionable data from a single source of truth. With its Data Activation platform, powered by reverse ETL (extract, transfer, and load), data teams can validate and publish analytics directly into all their applications in real time. Hundreds of companies like Canva, Figma, Loom, and Notion use Census to sync billions of records to empower their customer success, sales, and marketing teams. Census is backed by Andreessen Horowitz, Insight Partners, Sequoia, and Tiger Global. For more information, visit or follow @census on Twitter.


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