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Prominent Singer Maria Harriet Stack Launches Inspiring Non-Profit Project on YouTube to Advocate Human Rights

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Prominent Singer Maria Harriet Stack Launches Inspiring Non-Profit Project on YouTube to Advocate Human Rights

October 06
21:06 2023
Maria Harriet Stack’s groundbreaking project, “Singing with the Stars for Human Rights,” unites American celebrities on YouTube to champion the cause of human rights.

In a powerful, extraordinary initiative for amplifying the voice of the Americans in promoting human rights, Maria Harriet Stack has now officially launched her innovative project. Titled “Singing with the Stars for Human Rights.”, it has now been designed to be a groundbreaking endeavour. This initiative is the first of its kind in the United States. Her efforts are aimed at combining the power of music with a commitment towards advocating the human rights.

The non-profit project with a cause

This is a project with no profit and is designed for human rights. It is aimed at bringing all American stars together in the attempts by Maria Harriet Stack. The attempt is to bring forth the human rights through the universal language of music. It is designed and conceived as a response to the climate of greed, selfishness, and the unchecked pursuit of power. The initiative is an attempt to draw people’s attention towards the importance of protecting human rights in today’s world.

The journey of Maria in the realm of music and advocacy has been impressive. It is also deeply personal in nature. She has gone through the medical negligence and human right violation in England and Ireland. She chose singing and music as a powerful medium of expression. Her traumatic experiences have left her isolated, silenced, and denied access to legal and medical support.

“I started singing as a way to break free from the silence that engulfed me due to my injuries and circumstances,” says Maria Harriet Stack. “It became a beacon of hope and a channel to shed light on the injustices I faced.”

To date, Maria has decided not to monetise her YouTube channel. This should emphasise her commitment towards the cause of human rights instead of her personal gains. Her channel is the only one of its kind in the world, showcasing the united mission to advocate for human rights.

About Maria Harriet Stack:

Maria Harriet Stack is a highly qualified and professional medical graduate. Dr Stack has received no funds for her work on this site to help her promote Human Rights and is hugely grateful to the artists she has chosen to be involved. Despite her medical career, she is an also a passionate singer and advocate of human rights. Through her non-profit project, Maria aims to use music as a powerful tool against the adversities. She focuses on using the platform of music for a social change. She is also looking to make music the best option for raising awareness about the human rights violations globally.

Maria is definitely an inspiration for many as she continues to use her voice to promote the positive change.

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