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5 Steps to Make Social Media Healthy by Dr. Jason Deitch

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5 Steps to Make Social Media Healthy by Dr. Jason Deitch

October 04
00:25 2019

Social media has gotten a bad rap as of late. If we allow it to be, social media can be a source of unhealthy comparison, consumption and critique. There are likely few among us who haven’t questioned the time we’ve spent scrolling down miles of Newsfeed – time we’ve felt in retrospect that could have been invested in chasing our dreams or strengthening intimate bonds.

Dr. Jason Deitch, Bestselling Author / Founder, LookUP America

But is social media all bad? Are Facebook and Instagram just a guilty pleasure – or worse, an unhealthy addiction?

The key to making social media healthy for you is to take control of the type of content you subscribe to, be aware of the amount of time you spend on it, and stay conscious of the posture you’re in while viewing your screens and devices.

Here are 5 steps you can take right now to take control of your Newsfeed and make social media healthy for you:

1. “Unfollow” what makes you unhealthy. Make the choice to hide posts from boastful friends, political rants, your ex’s selfies and more…

2. “Like,” “Follow” and “See First” what makes you healthier. Did you know you can use Facebook’s “See First” feature not only by clicking “Like” but also clicking “Follow” and “See First” so you always receive the posts you want to see first in your Newsfeed?

3. Look-UP and feel better. Practice the 20-20-20 rule. Take a mobile-free moment every 20 minutes, look 20 feet away, for at least 20 seconds. Look UP means to be positive and present with the people around you and keep your back, neck and head in healthy alignment.

4. Get connected and engage with your “tribes”. Positive people inspire others. Discover your tribe, engage and connect with people who inspire you to live your best life.

5. Be kind, be generous and share the love. When you find an inspiring or healthy post, please share it with others.

Social media is a reflection of who we are. With all of the media we consume, if we don’t like what we’re watching, reading or listening to, we’re in control and social media is no different. Just like we can change the channel or turn the page, we can make sure we’re feeding our minds good news that inspires us to live happy, healthy lives.

You make social media healthy for you when you use it as a tool to help you wake-up inspired, make healthy choices throughout the day and connect with friends, family and other positive people who make your life better.

Discover how you can take control of your Newsfeed and make social media healthy for you by subscribing to our tribe at

Take the first step now to ensure you wake up tomorrow and everyday refreshed, recharged and ready for a great day! is a public service campaign to inspire people daily, to take mobile moments and LookUP from our screens, social media and social networks for better mental, social and physical health.

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