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Post Producer Christelle Zeinoun opens up about her career

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Post Producer Christelle Zeinoun opens up about her career

October 16
22:30 2019

Sometimes, it might seem like shooting a film or a TV Series is the apex of the job, its conclusion. However, it is just a new beginning: once filming is over, and the footage has been stored and kept safe in several hard drives, post production begins. Editing, coloring, VFX, SFX, scoring, sound… The film enters a new phase, and it’s in the hands of the Post Producer to ensure to deliver what the director and the producers have envisioned. Christelle Zeinoun knows this well – after moving to the United States from Lebanon, she has begun a career in Post Production that has made her one of the most passionate and skilled post production producers in town.

“Being a post producer” – she says – “requires all the leadership and organizational skills that a producer during production needs, but there’s more to that: you need to love the aftermath. The thrill doesn’t come from being on set, seeing actors giving voice to words and stories you have been reading for months on a script, nor from being able to lock the crew everyone was dreaming of. The thrill comes from putting together all the pieces, all those final details that will ultimately make the project what everyone will end up watching.”

Zeinoun loves this process, and she has put all her passion in each project she has worked on – from The Recall with Wesley Snipes, through Shine by Anthony Nardolillo, Larceny by R. Ellis Frasier, 7 Days to Vegas, directed by Eric Balfour, American Dreamer, starring Jim Gaffigan, Me, You, Madness, starring Ed Westwick to The Oath, starring Ike Barinholtz and Tiffany Haddish and the most recent TV Series The Birch.


One of the latest films she worked on, The Obituary of Tunde Johnson, premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival, making her extremely proud. This movie, directed by Ali LeRoi, tells the story of a gay African-American teenager who is trapped in a time loop that forces him to repeatedly relive the day of his fatal, racially motivated shooting by a police officer.

Another compelling element of being a post production producer, according to Zeinoun, is that you end up collaborating with numerous different people: you see how each one’s opinion and technical skills are applied to the project, and how one cut or a shade of color completely change the perception of the entire piece.

When asked about her favorite production, Zeinoun doesn’t have an answer: every project is a new challenge, and every project brings something more to her life.

She talks about Milkshake Girls, for example – a short film about the sex trafficking epidemic in the United States directed by Australian director Viva Bianca. After the film screened at important film festivals, including the LA Shorts and the Madrid Film Festival, Zeinoun attended and helped coordinating an event organized by the no-profit organization Badass-do-gooders, where Bianca was one of the speakers.

This is what ultimately being in the film industry means: to connect with stories and issues, to connect with people who care about them, and to become part – every day – of a new journey.

When asked to give her piece of advice, she has no doubt: “this industry needs women, and the post production world is a fascinating one. Don’t be scared to show up, to speak up, to be interested: we are waiting for you!”

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