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Explore how JOHN HANCOCK in Germany Becomes No.1 Brand of Slimming Cup by Technology

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Explore how JOHN HANCOCK in Germany Becomes No.1 Brand of Slimming Cup by Technology

October 22
18:10 2019

When ordinary people are still sweating for weight loss and keeping food at a distance, a internet celebrity product “slimming cup” that can easily lose weight without avoiding food is popular in Europe and America. Recently, this slimming cup from John Hancock of Germany has set off a wave of slimming by drinking water in the world. Through continuous product innovation, it has helped the German manufacturing industry to overtake in the corner and open up the trillions of promising sectors in the comprehensive health field.

It is reported that colleges and universities play an important role in the German research and innovation system and are the base of German research activities. According to the latest data from the German Federal Statistical Office, university research accounts for about 28% of national R&D investment, of which 10% is technical engineering. It is reported that the world-renowned John Hancock slimming cup is a famous success story of scientific research and corporate innovation in many universities in Germany.

The reporter learned that John Hancock is headquartered in Munich’s important economic, cultural and technological center. There are also R&D bases and factories in Hanover, a city with a well-developed transportation, industrial and commercial development, and a highly developed industrial manufacturing industry. It employs tens of thousands of people, of which 10% are researchers. It is reported that  John Hancock’s R&D team includes professors from several German universities.  In the headquarters laboratory with a scale of 20,000 square meters, there are the world’s most advanced high-density analysis experimental instruments, intelligent operation equipment and unique Alps ore intelligent analysis equipment.

”Dr. Ulrich, a professor involved in research and development, said in an interview with local TV stations that the birth of the intelligent slimming cup was a breakthrough achievement by John Hancock researchers for eight years. “All of this comes from the magical ore at the foot of the Alps.”

Dr. Ulrich said that at the end of 2010, German geologists discovered a magical ore at the foot of the Alps. That was more than 65 million years ago. Unlike ordinary ore, the ore contains more than 10 kinds of trace elements beneficial to the human body such as aluminum, iron, magnesium, sodium, lithium and potassium. And it can be negative ion at the instant of contact with water, micro-electrolysis to form H+ and OH-. Among them, OH- can combine with water molecules to form negative ions, which can inhibit the body’s oxidation and enhance cell activation. At the same time, the ore acts on the higher water in the water cluster, forming 5-6 ideal small molecular clusters. The 2003 Nobel laureate Professor Peter Agre confirmed that this small molecule can dissolve residues and toxic and harmful substances left in cells, emulsification of excess cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood and excrete them out of the body through their own metabolism, so that the body can achieve the purpose of beauty and slimming.

Dr. Ulrich said that at the bottom of the slimming cup, there is a specially treated ancient Alps ore. After clinical trials, this ore can be stored for one year, turning four cups of boiled water into weight-loss water with weight loss function every day, thereby achieving the purpose of slimming water, oil and fat. Clinical trial data showed that some volunteers lost 30 kg in weight within one month after using the slimming cup.

The reporter learned that John Hancock’s slimming cups have been listed in more than 20 countries and regions around the world, and once sold out in various places and online. In Europe’s famous chain pharmacy Europa Apotheke, slimming cups were taken away by tourists from all over the world. According to the person in charge of the pharmacy, the slimming cups are not only frequently sold out, but the number of reservations for each store under the brand pharmacy has already exceeded 10,000.

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