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BORNEO TECHNOLOGY launches its ecology: BitForce Mining Farm

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BORNEO TECHNOLOGY launches its ecology: BitForce Mining Farm

January 21
01:00 2020

Borneo Technology Pte Ltd launches one of its ecological sector: BitForce Bitcoin mining.BitForce is the first distributed pressure-less mining power computing service platform for everyone, providing flexible and no hardware-funding to users worldwide. It will be a cost-effective, safe, reliable and hassle-free mining experience.


Borneo Technology was established and registered in Sarawak, Malaysia. Owning a professional team consisting of senior blockchain industry experts, financial venture capital professionals, and marketing experts. The company is committed to managing data through blockchain technology.

Business scope includes blockchain technology services, software development, IT consultation services, business information consultation,blockchain technology intermediary services and more.

BitForce’s new Bitcoin mining Hashrate lease contractaddresses the industry’s biggest pain point: Unprofessional Mining Farm

Many people think that 2020 is an opportunity for mining, and many people are just as eager to start their own mine farms as they were in 2017, buying mining machines by themselves, but ignoring the risk of unprofessionalism.Most mining farms today are cooperative farms, not self-built farm. A cooperative mining farm may face the following issues:

1. The Legality and Compliance of Electricity Use

The market often pursues low-priced electricity and dwells on it overly, and indeed ignores the compliance of electricity consumption; once such mine farms are investigated and punished by relevant state departments, they will face the risk of seizure or fines.

BitForce has a number of self-built mines across China and ASEAN district, and the mutual allocation of machine between the farms to cope with power outages caused by force majeure factors; by finding measures such as reliable power suppliers, signing formal contracts, and proactively applying for electricity compliancy tax declarations.

2. The Professionalism of Operation And Maintenance

An experienced mining farm operation and maintenance staff needs 1 to 2 years of training, and it requires a mature operation and maintenance team to response to the impact of different climates or altitudes on the mining machine and other cluster problems that do not surface directly. The high damage rate of the mining machine and the long maintenance cycle are all important factors affecting the revenue.

BitForce team works with the industry’s 5A mining farms, the pioneer in the Bitcoin mining team.Having only hundreds of mining machines in 2012, to owning 25 million units currently, owning 5% of world’s Hashrate.The company has mine farms in Malaysia, Yunnan, Sichuan, Xinjiang, Qinghai, and Inner Mongolia. A single farm covers an area of 1,000 to 5,000 square meters, with a complete infrastructure construction. Inside the mine farm, the cooling method of the farm is arranged according to the needs of different models of mining machines, and extra-large turbines are installed on both sides of the mine to ensure heat dissipation. On the other hand, also equipped with experienced mine farm management staff, 24-hour shift system to ensure normal operation.

3. The Stability of Mining Farms

Ordinary mine farms will have about 20 days of downtime every year, plus other mining failures for 12 months a year. Which means the actual mining duration is shortened to 11 months a year.

In addition, dust removal, temperature control, humidity control, and electrical equipment maintenance of the plant are important conditions that determine the stability of the mine.

By solving the three issues above, BitForce can help and prevent non-professional investors from taking unnecessary risks. Any risk is a huge hidden danger for miners. Mining itself is an industry that competes with time .Time is money-greatly describe the Bitcoin mining industry.

Highlights of BitForce

Users can check the operation and output status of the mining machine through the links shared by Hashrate-sharers, and at the same time, invite third-party professional institutions to conduct financial supervision.

In order to provide a stable and sustainable returns for investors, the BitForce team will have a long-term retention of financial reserves to prevent from unforeseen systematic risks, regardless of how Bitcoin is doing on the secondary market.

BitForce has bring about the online crowdsourcing of the mining industry,achieving the circulation of computing power in the true sense and the online-zation of the secondary market of mining machines. Improving all aspects of Bitcoin mining by utilizing the power of the free, increasing the returns of participants, and reducing the initial investment of investors. Making digital currency mining no longer a monopoly industry. This makes complex technologies such as technology development, operation and maintenance, and supply chain management no longer a barrier to digital currency mining and public participation.

BitForce strategic cooperation with Bitmain

BitForce has reached a strategic cooperation with Bitmain to ensure the listing of new mining machines in the future, and the supply of resources is preferentially invested in BitForce projects to provide professional-grade pre-sales and after-sales service, Bitmain mining machine is reputable for being the industry’s lowest power consumption, highest performance, lowest price, and most cost-effective mining machine, so it also ensures the output efficiency of miners and maximizes the mining output.

As we all know, Bitmain is a well-known mining machine manufacturer in the mining machine industry, which also means that the quality of the mining machine and the pre-sales and after -sales service are fully guaranteed. It is a known fact that 60 ~ 70% of Bitcoin’s entire network computing power is in China. The main mining model previously was represented by Ant S9, and the overall mining coverage was about 890W. According to incomplete statistics, since the second half of 2019, only 100,000 high-powered models have been iterated. Limited mining machine manufacturers throughout the supply capacity of the chip, mining machine iteration speed is restricted, and therefore may result in part of the mine faced with shut-down state, the count in 2020’s Bitcoin’s halving event, BitForce and Bitmain will come together on the resource side to ensure the supply of resources for customers.

Ant S17 + is equipped with a second-generation 7nm chip, outstanding performance, 73T computing power, promising power lower / higher energy efficiency ratio.

BitForce will be the world’s most anticipated mining machine sharing platform in 2020!

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