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New Short Film “Someone is there” Becomes A Big Hit

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New Short Film “Someone is there” Becomes A Big Hit

May 14
21:05 2020

“Someone is there” was filmed in Pune, India, and directed by Shardul Nerlekar and produced by Filmastic Studio.

A new short film has become an instant hit with movie lovers. “Someone is there” will have film lovers on the edge of their seats as the story sets in about one girl who is alone at home and she is thinking that someone is there in the house with her. But she is confused about her thoughts.

For those that dare to watch the horror film are in for a treat. “Someone is there” is a gripping but scary short film.

When asked about the film, Shardul Nerlekar explained: “The cast is only one character, a single girl, Prajakta Lale. I’ve always been a big fan of Prajakta Lale. She has beautiful eyes that speak a lot in a short film. As there are no dialogues, she expressed everything with her eyes & expression. Her work, dedication, acting, the timing was just incredible. Only because of her, the film is gaining so much attention.

Prajakta Lale is being called one of the biggest new talents in the movie industry. Although this is a short film, when you see the special events, the story, and how the film puts the viewer on the edge of their seats, then it is understandable why her name is being mentioned as one of those actresses to watch out for.

Shardul Nerlekar who wrote and directed the film is a serious genius. It’s not that often that you can pump so much in a short film to take the viewer on a journey that turns their emotions thrilled. Shardul Nerlekar did not just direct and wrote the film; he was also responsible for making all the editing, sound, and setup.

Each year there are around 100,000+ short films made across the globe but only a small handful of those films generate interest and exposure in viewers. “Someone is there” is different. Since being launched, the short film which took only one day to complete has gained huge exposure around the world and has been called one of the best short films of 2020.

“Someone is there”, which has caused excitement with film fans and become a talking point on social media, is a film that must be watched. It is available on YouTube. Watch with full sound…

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Let them know if you have any good story/script for a short film. Please feel free to reach Shardul on his Instagram or email if you want to get featured in their featured short films.

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