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CTC Global Culture Tourism Ecology Chain Launching Ceremony Opened in Singapore

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CTC Global Culture Tourism Ecology Chain Launching Ceremony Opened in Singapore

August 27
02:56 2019

On August 24th, the CTC Global Cultural Tourism Ecology Chain came to the warm tropical island country, Singapore, to hold a launch conference, officially kicking off the blockchain public chain cultural tourism industry resources.

In 2019, the blockchain became a topic of great public interest. In this year, it was full of opportunities and full of risks. However, a group of unswerving people believed that blockchain can change the world. They are full of enthusiasm for 2019. Today, the launching ceremony of the CTC Global Cultural Tourism Eco-chain was ushered in.

The Cultural Travel Chain is a blockchain public chain that focuses on the resources of the cultural tourism industry. Committed to creating a global shared blockchain system for open source, resource sharing, non-tampering and decentralization for the global cultural tourism industry.

Our main network technology development is the GEEK team that has been well-received in the industry for many times, such as the upgrade of the Monroe algorithm and the blockchain technology of the Litecoin lightning network.

According to the data, the World Travel & Tourism Council released the “Economic Impact of Tourism 2019-2020” report. In 2018, tourism directly generated $8 trillion in revenue worldwide and provided 250 million jobs.

Tourism is 10.2% of global GDP. It accounts for 1/10 of global jobs. It is estimated that the growth rate will reach 4.0% in 2020, the tourism industry will support more than 350 million jobs, the tourism industry will account for 11.4% of global GDP, and the global travel industry GPD is expected to be more than 10 trillion US dollars. I believe that tourism will be an important industry to promote global economic development and employment.

CTC will provide a full range of solutions for the cultural travel industry worldwide through the core technology of the blockchain core to create a cultural chain of cultural travel. CTC will focus on solving transaction efficiency issues, merchant trust issues, industry regulatory issues, and circulation notarization issues on a global scale. CTC will build the world’s first exchange service for the travel industry to provide omnidirectional redemption services for the CTS under the CTC public chain. In the future, you only need to have CTC to travel around the world.


The launching ceremony invited CTC co-founder and COO JASON JAMES and network security co-founder Katerina, strategic partner Huangshan Fucun Group general manager Sun Bing, overseas brand VP Alina, US Silicon Valley technical consultant Eugene, CTC China District Market Consultant Maria, Singapore Dorn Foundation Representative Oleg, US GEEK Technology Lab on behalf of Stan jointly launched the launching ceremony of the CTC Global Culture Tourism Ecology Chain.


After the launching ceremony, CTC Global Travel Chain co-founder and COO JASON JAMES gave us a keynote speech on how CTC will build a cultural tourism eco-chain. In the speech, Jason elaborated on CTC’s existing technology development status and future business development. Strategic layout and future vision and mission.

CTC’s corporate travel chain is mainly a generalized economic eco-chain that serves the global tourism industry. In the future, it will cooperate with major scenic spots and tourism industries around the world to provide more convenient and reliable travel for global travel enthusiasts. the way. CTC adopts the most advanced DPOS consensus mechanism and graphene bottom layer technology in the blockchain industry. It has a million-level TPS, and the consensus delay can reach millisecond level. CTC will build a Token exchange belonging to the text travel industry, which is a global travel hobby. The provider provides real-time redemption services, and the most important thing is that CTC will never charge any form of handling fee.


Katrina, co-founder and head of network security at the conference, shared the development and prospects of the corporate travel chain. The blockchain technology of the travel public chain to solve the relationship of human trust is the bottleneck of the industry with lack of trust. The cultural tourism industry has solved the pain points of the industry from the real need, and explained on the technical level why the CTC has a fast-tracking that cannot be replaced by others.

The third-generation public-chain EOS and the third-generation public-chain CTC are in order to change this situation. They all abandoned the POW mechanism and switched to the POW appointing equity certificate to reduce the responsibility load of the main chain. Ctc sets a total of 9 super nodes in the world, 3 seconds interval to generate blocks, the main chain of computing resources check, allocation and other tasks have these super nodes voted to make most participants immune to unnecessary logic checks. The new Dpos mechanism of the CTC 4.0 public chain will once again affect the blockchain world.


The CTC team stated that in the next global layout, the team will focus on the Chinese market, because China has a huge market in the global industry, and the next step of the CTC public chain has been negotiated with many famous scenic spots around the world. And with the new home Podun Foundation for a strong strategic alliance of cooperation. More information will be published in the form of a press conference.

The CTC launch ceremony has been successfully completed. The global travel and tourism chain is a great undertaking. It can comprehensively solve the global cultural exchanges, cross-border tourism and other professional service platforms without circulation obstacles, and accelerate the development of intelligent block industry in the travel industry. Trends and look forward to new strategic cooperation and development.

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