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Tan Zhibin: Fusion of ancient and modern,Antique Collection is hot again

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Tan Zhibin: Fusion of ancient and modern,Antique Collection is hot again

October 30
01:01 2019

Tan Zhibin, the owner of Tanjingtang and the initiator of Zhenquyaji, acceptd an interview recently. He mentioned that more and more people love collecting now, and more and more young talents join collection, which is good news for our traditional culture. Best things can empress himself, every antique has its own charming. In the traditional culture and China’s long history, everyone of us is small, so we should be humble to the antique.

Paleolithic it is well known that human beings are stone tools as the main tool of labor in the early ages.

Paleolithic; It is the development stage of human material culture marked by the use of beaten stone tools (see stone tools). The geological time belongs to the late pliocene pleistocene, which started about 3 million years ago and lasted until about 10,000 years ago.

The paleolithic age is the childhood period of human beings and the longest period in human history, accounting for 99% of human development.

This phase found sites significantly increased, the northern representative sites have zhoukoudian upper cave, anyang, henan, liaoning haicheng the xiaogushan small south China sea, ningxia LingWu tunnel ditch, under the new county in shanxi, qinshui sceneries chuan, map of jixian, xue pu county, hebei YangYuan persimmon beach flat beam, such as: southern representative sites have sichuan hanyuan Flynn, TongLiang, guizhou TongZi ma on shan, some wear Bai Yanjiao hole, hole, xingyi cat cathole zhang imagination, guangxi liuzhou white lotus cave, fangxian county of hubei province, hubei jiangling jigong mountain top, etc. In this period, the technology of stone products was improved significantly.

In addition to the steady development of stone flake stone tools, stone leaf technology and microstone technology also appeared. Stone leaf technology is represented by shuitonggou site. Stone products here include prefabricated stone core, typical stone leaves and regular triangular stone pieces. It is worth mentioning that this kind of stone leaf industry widely distributed in the west of the old continent is only found in shuidonggou in China. The technique of fine stone leaf is widely distributed. It is represented by the following sites of sichuan and hutouliang, including various types of fine stone core, fine stone leaf and a remarkable number of end scraper. It is mainly made by soft hammer method and pressing and peeling method. Paleolithic stone technology reached its peak at this time and marked the highest level of hunter-gatherer ability ever recorded. In addition to stone tools, bone, horn technology has also been developed.

Here, the skin is in such a rich state that it has weathered for thousands of years. The overall black front part highlights the results of the labor use at the time. In an age when culture is basically zero and life is basically based on innovation, it is imaginable to cherish the civilization of the paleolithic age. It’s worth protecting. It’s worth talking about.

On the back of the middle position, there are three fonts, through the way did not determine the true meaning of the three words. It could be a tribal surname or a personal “code name”. In a word, the history of stone civilization needs to be further explored; because all creation is the beginning of life.

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