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Open source, XAG move into common governance and co-create development

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Open source, XAG move into common governance and co-create development

November 18
17:40 2019

Recently, announced that XAG code has been open source. It is reported that XAG project was launched on July 18, 2019. It is a public chain group developed based on the underlying technology of XRP blockchain network, with multiple sub chains. XRP currently ranks the third in the global mainstream digital asset circulation market value. Its network system is mainly used to provide financial institutions with safe and fast cross-border payment tools, so that the asset value can be transmitted and exchanged on the Internet as information.

Internet media shows that XAG network is the extension of XRP system in the field of blockchain application. It pays attention to the construction of global self finance underlying technology architecture, realizes the free and independent gateway erection and independent operation through XAG public chain facilities, so as to realize the financial needs of different regions and different levels, so as to achieve the super expansion of blockchain payment and settlement in the field of private finance.

The XAG source code is open, write the account book into the mechanism, and the open source community realizes the consensus to realize the spirit of team cooperation, individual equality and active contribution. Its open source significance is to aggregate the global blockchain elite technology consensus, act on the same powerful public chain facilities, create advanced productivity through intelligent technology, and promote mutual trust of human civilization with the power of scientific and technological innovation.

From the current program automatic incentive mechanism of XAG foundation, it embodies the spirit of open source. XAG’s reward codes is mainly based on the scale of the number of active wallets, and all incentive data run on the public chain. Looking forward to XRP and XAG community organizations and individuals common governance, co-create development!

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