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EMU founder: The leader of 5G’s future

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EMU founder: The leader of 5G’s future

November 26
03:06 2019

Technological innovation drives the transformation of human economy and society, and the arrival of blockchain technology has allowed civilization to evolve again. The blockchain is undoubtedly the hot topic at the moment. EMU founder and global operations executive – Brandon Pister is one of the top blockchain experts in Silicon Valley in the US, earning a bachelor’s degree in computer science and an MBA from the China Europe Business School at the age of 24. For the blockchain, he has his own unique insights.


For many years, Mr. Brandon has been leading the innovation of technology in the financial sector. Currently, he is the co-founder of String Labs, based in Palo La, California. Also, he was the co-founder of the world’s first blockchain university and co-founder of the digital currency crowdfunding platform.

How is 5G implicated with blockchain? 5G will allow implementations on blockchain to run smoothly and efficiently while remaining in the secure environment it requires. The new mobile data standard will become the data transmission infrastructure upon which blockchain – as a quasi protocol – will run. The point at which 5G and blockchain technologies intersect is at the micro-data level enabled through the internet of things (IoT). 5G will allow these projects to scale. The vastly superior bandwidth will facilitate a rich flow of micro-data.

Mr. Brandon thinks that 5G’s “high speed” will effectively compensate for the shortcomings of the blockchain in the data transmission field, and the “security” of the blockchain will completely change the future commercial process of 5G technology. The convergence of blockchain and 5G will become an irreversible new trend. He formed the world’s top blockchain technology team and built a new value eco-network system, EMU, which is jointly constructed by public-chain and 5G, to create a new miracle for the application of blockchain technology.

We believe that under his leadership, the blockchain market will be reborn, and more and more blockchain enthusiasts will join the value ecosystem created by EMU.

As the founder of EMU, Mr. Brandon always adheres to the development goal of “providing a realistic and feasible technology path for building a global 5G public chain network”. He is committed to making EMU an excellent ecosystem that benefits 5G developers worldwide. Mr. Brandon put his experience into the development of EMU and proposed the “5G+ blockchain” innovation model to release the economic value of 5G. Because of this, Mr. Brandon is the legend of the blockchain industry.

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